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Hello, Welcome to Ardico Water. We provide and easy way to have your own commercial grade water purifier for your office or home. With our worry free subscription service, you’ll have instant access to great tasting, pH balanced water 24/7. Ardico will maintain your water purifier and filters automatically. We serve the following counties in Illinois: Madison, Jersey, Calhoun, Macoupin and Greene. We are ready to talk with you, and get you the high quality water you and your employees or family deserve. Use our menu above to learn more! Thank you for visiting.

A water filtration cooler is ideal for several reasons.

  • Healthy, pH balanced water
  • No tank exchanges, or jug refills
  • No lifting or buying bottled water cases
  • Never run out
  • Hot water included (180°)
  • Worry free maintenance
  • Affordable

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