Delicious Alkaline Water
When it comes to purified water, alkaline water specifically is they way to go. 7pH is considered balanced. Less than 7 is the acidic side and above 7 pH is considered the alkaline side. Our water is 9.5+ pH! See the Filtration page for a chart. Alkaline water has multiple benefits over value brand water.

  • Smoother Taste
  • Enhanced Hydration
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Increases Energy
  • Slows Aging
  • Improves Digestion
  • Reduces Bone Loss
  • Safer For Teeth Enamel
  • Soothe Acid Reflux

Better Than Value Brand Water

Value brand water cases or jugs are the cheapest bottles of water you can find. These are heavy cases, and take a fair amount of time to deal with, buying at the store and hauling home and stocking into your fridge. The water likely comes from a municipal water source and is then filtered. As with any water stored in plastic (including large water cooler jugs) there are safety concerns. It can be filled with plastic particles. It could contain E-Coli or mold if the water source is contaminated. It could even contain harmful chemicals or carcinogens which can be associated with an increase risk of cancer. Specifically, trihalomethanes such as chloroform, bromoform or bromate. Although its filtered water, they often have a low Ph (around 6) meaning they are moderately acidic. If you suffer from acid reflux this does not help you at all. Our filtered water will achieve 9.5+ pH.

Better Than Buying Bottled pH Balanced or Alkaline Water
Trying to purchasing bottles of quality water, you could get from an Ardico Water Purifier can be costly. A 15 pack of alkaline water will cost about $7+. Or a single bottle can be $2+ each. If you add up what you’re drinking daily in alkaline water it can easily exceed an Ardico Monthly Subscription. But with our water purifier you’ll only pay less than 3 cents per gallon for additional gallons used from your tap water. So you can have a flat cost each month. The more you use, the more you save, and without adding to the pollution of plastic bottles into the environment.

A Much Better Option Than a Bottle Exchange or Refilling
First you’ll pay a hundreds up front for a 5-gallon dispenser. The 5 gallon tank weights 42lbs. You or an employee will have to change it, which if hurt you may have a possible workman’s comp claim. If doing an exchange or filling a bottle at the store you’ll have to deposit your empty bottle into a bin to get an exchange ticket which can often be overfilled forcing you to pay the higher cost for an initial bottle. You can refill your own 5-gallon jug at a filling station for what seems like a great deal. However again your dealing with 42lb bottles. You never know how much water the station goes through or if the filter maintenance is up to date which can negatively affect the quality, safety and taste. These stations are used by the general public and are not regularly cleaned or disinfected, most notably the nozzle where the water exits. The staff at the value store does nothing with them and are at the mercy of a large supplier to maintain it when they get around to it.

Avoid Contributing to the Environmental Harm Caused by Plastic Bottles
First imagine all plastic bottles regardless of size filled a quarter with oil. Thats how much oil is required to make that bottle. Oil is of course not renewable and leaves a carbon foot print to produce.
Also, plastic bottles are not biodegradable because they can’t be broken down by living organisms. Instead they will slowly break down over 1,000+ years into smaller pieces called micro-plastics and will always remain on Earth. As it degrades toxic chemicals in the plastic are released into the environment.
Additionally, the extraction of water resources for bottled water has adverse effects on the environment. Most bottled water is sold in areas far from the extraction site. So this means local water resources can’t recover fast enough since the water is transported elsewhere. Bottled water companies can extract so much that entire lakes or aquifers run dry.
Also, many of the plastic bottles sold each day end up being improperly disposed of. About 80% of trash in our oceans is plastic, much of it sinking to the bottom.
Another point is that water delivery services use a substantial amount of electricity and fuel, in the filtering, bottling and delivery of bottles via a gas guzzling truck.
Lastly, animals like birds or fish can mistake plastic in the ocean for food. When they consume enough plastic their digestive systems could get clogged eventually starving them to death. They can also choke on plastic or even get stuck in or trapped in certain plastics. Several tons of plastic end up in fish each year, and thousands of seabirds and mammals die from ingesting plastic. Micro-plastics can even end up in fish we eat. So you can avoid all of these concerns buy using an Ardico Water Purifier and using reusable cups or tumblers.

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