Installation Info

The ideal spot for your new water cooler would be near an electrical outlet as it does require power. Also, its best to be in a room with available water. In a kitchen for example a water supply line (1/4″) would tap into your cold water valve under your sink and run out to the water purifier secured by clips (or a cover). The water supply line can run up to 300ft so if we need it in another room, no problem. Also a drain line of the same size (1/4″) will also run along the supply line if reverse osmosis is used. Install will be as neat as possible. Installation is free in most cases.

Commonly Used Installation Fittings

John Guest Angle Stop Valve
Allows for continued operation of your sink faucet, and a connection to the purifier with its own shut off valve.

Drain Saddle Clamp
For draining concentrate water, from the reverse osmosis filter to remove TDS. Another filter re-adds the appropriate level of minerals, for great taste and hydration.