Water Purifier

8020 Model
Perfect for any office or household. Simple and reliable.
Hot and Cold Tank. Heater can be switched on/off.
1.2 Gal Cold Tank
.55 Gal Hot Tank
3ft 5in H x 12″W x 12″D
(Only black available at this time)

Click here for more info about the 8020.

Available Spigots

The 8020 model comes with the paddle dispensers however a simpler spigot with a small lever is also available. Each hot side spigot has an extra step required to dispense. The simple spigots give a 6.5″ cup clearance while the paddles provide a 6″ clearance. A cup can always be tilted in of course. The darker spigots will generally go on black units while the white spigots will match with our white purifiers. Both styles provide reliable operation.

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